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(Fully professional Combo spot includes one animation. This featured spot shows additional 3-D animation not included in basic package. All spots are fully customizable to length and content depending on your budget - and how effective you want it to be! Broadcast music license may incur extra cost - there is no charge for use of music with commercial on internet.)
You've heard about us!
You've seen us on TV!

If not -
watch our TV spot now!

That's right!!!
We'll build a 3 page website.
(You can start at 3 pages but our sites are fully customizable to any size - your budget determines what you put on the web!)
We'll write, direct, and shoot a 30 second tv commercial in HDTV for your business.
(That's the BEST quality!)
We combine the TV spot and website together into one dynamic presentation,----- just like we did for ourselves!

For larger corporations, ask about our fully customizable video brochure packages - where you can have a full on-line sales documentary just like this customer.

And with 3rd Coast Digital Films, acting in
Strategic Partnership with
Hertzock Entertainment,
you can place your TV spot on TV whenever and wherever you like.
(Note: airtime is optional expense.)
3 page website plus 30 second TV spot combo only
plus 3 years of internet hosting at $39.00 per month.
(paid quarterly).
At the end of the agreement period you own the website and commercial outright.
*Offer good in trial area within 100 miles of Baton Rouge. Outlying areas may require travel expenses and pre-payment of hosting fees.
Call 3rd Coast Digital Films NOW at
(225) 751-3456 to get started.

Look through the rest of this site (links below) to see examples of pages you could have for your business, and go on the 3rd Coast Digital Films site for examples of high end - big budget sites and commercials - extremely effective for bigger businesses.
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